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Hygienize was created by a collaborative of humans, passionate about ensuring a safe environment so that life could continue in the “New Normal”.


After experiencing the effects of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and observing the healthcare sector struggle with how to function with confidence, our team looked for pathways to ensure our clients had sureties for their staff, patients, and businesses. The vision was created, and it was quickly evident it was not only the healthcare industry in need to protect, but many others.   


Hygienize was born to foster assurances for business but more importantly, confidence for humans to keep on living.


​The Hygienize methodology is clear: ensure people and their spaces are as safe as possible, to thrive.


With a sound business model underwritten by an agenda to source the world’s best solutions for clean and simple hygiene solutions, our team is made up of passionate humans ready to assist you to take on life with positivity and compassion in the “New Normal”.

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