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UV-C Louvered Wall Mount

This UV-C wall mount system is designed to disinfect the AIR we breathe while we do our day-to-day tasks underneath.


Equipped with a powerful Philips T5 Philips TUV germicidal lamp this wall mount systems light source is deadly to pathogens

such as viruses, bacteria, mould and is effective against

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)


Utilizes proven UV-C

technology effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. 

Reduces risk and anxiety of airborne contaminants and transmissions.

Continuously disinfects the air in the room.

Designed to be used whilst people are present in the room.  


Broad range of applications such as work, office, school, supermarket, gym, restaurant, hospital, hotel and more.

Optimized for wall mounting the beam of UV-C rays is controlled by specific reflectors with the louvre design.

Environmentally friendly as no ozone emissions are produced during or after use. Available in White or black.


Wall mounted

Lamp Quantity 1 or 2

Lamp Type/Wattage 20W 

Universal voltage 120-277V

UV-C peak output 253.7nm

Minimum mounting height- 2529.84 mm (bottom of fixture)

Minimum distance between fixtures -2438.4 mm

Minimum distance from the ceiling to (top of fixture) -228.6mm

Estimate minimum area of disinfection per fixture 30.19 sqm per fixture.

Dimensions W 198.4mm x L 562mm x H 155.6 mm

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