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UV-C disinfection TROLLEY

The two arm UV-C trolley version is designed to disinfect professional surfaces within a coverage area of up to 36m2 of circular area or 20m2 of square area. In laboratory testing, Signify’s UV-C light sources reduced SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) infectivity on a surface to below detectable levels in as few as 9 seconds.


Broad range of applications such as nursing home, office, school, gym, commercial kitchens, manufacturing, warehousing and more. Utilizes proven UV-C Technology effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.  Highly effective at killing Pathogens including Covid19.


4-log disinfection for 20m2 square area or 36m2 circular area within 15 minutes for the two arm trolley.

Remote Control with 4 options 15/30/60/90 mins and 30 sec delay time. Touch panel: timer button with Lock and key protection: only authorized person(s) can unlock the key to operate the trolley

according to the safety instructions. 

Voice Alarm: operation is supported by audio guidance


Input voltage 220-240V/50/60Hz

Safety Class (driver+system) Class I

Total Power 130W

UVC lamp power 30W*4

UVC lamp wavelength 254nm

Ballast HFP 236

Operating temp 5°C - 40°C

Ta 25°C

Size 116.8 x 40 x 34 cm

Weight 18.8Kg

Lamp Useful life 9,000 hrs

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