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This programable Spray Disinfection Robot is designed to move autonomously at a time of your choice to disinfect your selected

“AT RISK” hi-touch surface areas.


Equipped with a 16-liter disinfectant solution tank, the Spray Disinfection Robot can (diffuse-spray) your approved chemical disinfectant at very small particle levels, of between 2 ~ 5 μm.


Once integrated into your cleaning and disinfecting policy

the Spray Disinfection Robot will provide you additional comfort

to know that your business has taken the additional step to help

protect your staff, customers and shareholders.


Our Spray Robot is exceptional, it has been designed to protect

your staff from spraying chemicals. With up to a 4 hour drive time a

     16 liter tank and various spray nozzles it offers substantial coverage of up to 25,000 sqm.

     The Spray Robots high level and consistent disinfection combine with various disinfectants gives you the ability to reduce

the risks of cross-infection on surfaces as well as lowering your staff labour costs associated with disinfection.


Programmable Autonomous Robot  

Visual SLAM + laser, SLAM  (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping)

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Programmable working time

Intelligent terminal system (return to charge)

Independent path planning

Real-time data monitoring

Performance audit

Can be ordered with an optional elevator control system



Mobility: Autonomous mobile indoor navigation

Moving speed: 0 ~ 0.6 m/s

 Spray practice size: 2 ~ 5 μm

Liquid volume: 16L

Battery type: 10A

Operating time: 3.5 - 4 hours

Charging time: 8 hours

Dimensions: 69.5 x 41.5 x 129 cm

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