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UV-C disinfection air unit

This portable UV-C system is an exceptional virus killer, designed to be placed in an area of your choice it will safely disinfect the AIR around you whilst you are in the room.


Equipped with 4 powerful Philips PL-L TUV germicidal Lamps encased in a protective anti UV plastic housing. The light source is deadly to pathogens

such as viruses, bacteria, mould

and is effective against

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)


Freestanding unit can be wheeled into place in your work, office, school, supermarket, gym, restaurant, hospital, hotel and more.

Continuously disinfects the air in the room. Designed to be used whilst people are present in the room.

Environmentally friendly Ozone free.


Inactivates up to 90% of airborne micro-organisms 

in 80m3 within just 2 hours.

Touch panel: timer button 30/60/120mins & Constant On options.

Fan speed low, medium, and high options with lock button to avoid unwanted operations, power on/off button Display on user interface, which starts counting down on pre-set disinfection duration.  


Housing material: anti UV plastic.


Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz

UVC Lamp Power 4x18W

Power 120W

UVC Wavelength 254nm

Time setting 30/60/120 mins or constant on

Replaceable Lamp Life 9000 hrs

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